Regimex is a trademark of anorexigenic drug called Benzphetamine, which is used as a short-term remedy to cure obesity in people, who has BMI ≥ 30kg/m². In addition, this drug is applied when the BMI is above 27 kg/m² and patients are at high risk of obesity-related diseases.

It is recommended to take Regimex diet drug in combination with physical activity and balanced low-calorie diet. Regimex anorexigenic drug is not recommended for children under 12 years old, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women.

The mechanism of action of Regimex appetite suppressant involves the ability of Benzphetamine (active substance) to act on certain centers of the brain. Thereby, Regimex drug suppresses the appetite and causes prolonged satiety in patients.

  • The therapeutic dose of Regimex is adjusted individually for each patient and it depends on the way the patient’s body reacts to Regimex weight loss medication.

Usually, the anti-obesity treatment is initiated with the dose of Regimex 25 mg, once a day.

Then the therapeutic dosage is increased up to 50 mg. It is recommended to take a single daily dose of Regimex approximately at 9 a.m. or at midday, but to avoid taking Regimex diet tabs in the evening.

Patients should keep in mind that a late intake of Regimex appetite suppressant provokes insomnia.

  • The therapeutic dose is taken 1-3 times a day within several weeks as a rule. Regimex slimming product must never be used along with other appetite suppressants, as it can provoke side effects.

Since Regimex is a medical agent, it can cause adverse reactions in obese patients. However, this fact does not mean that every consumer will necessarily have side effects or any other discomfort conditions.

  • According to Regimex reviews, patients usually tolerate the drug very well and side effects are mostly mild.

As soon as a patient’s body is getting used to weight loss drug, Regimex side effects disappear discreetly. As it was noted in most Regimex reviews, using Regimex diet pills, patients managed to achieve the desired result in a short time.

It is noteworthy that among Regimex reviews there are such feedbacks, which describe weak therapeutic effect and individual intolerance to Regimex drug. In this case, patients should replace Regimex appetite suppressant to some other anorectic drug, for example Adipex.

Comparing Regimex vs Adipex, we may say that there is no much therapeutic difference between these two drugs. If a consumer suffers from individual sensitivity to one of the components of Regimex slimming tablets, then he can cure his overweight using Regimex diet drug.

For those patients, who want to buy Regimex and begin the anti-obesity treatment, pharmaceutical retailers offer to buy Regimex online by coupon.

By showing a pharmacist the Regimex coupon and doctor’s prescription, any patient can buy Regimex at low price, saving money on purchase of Regimex weight management product.

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