Duromine is one of the most popular and powerful drugs, used for obesity treatment. There are certain warnings and precautions that are necessary to respect while using Duromine weight loss pills.

Duromine capsules are intended for a short-term use in combination with increased physical activity and change in diet. It is recommended to take Duromine within 8-10 weeks, maximum term of use – 12 weeks.

Duromine weight loss pills are designed for anti-obesity mono-therapy and are never used for the treatment of other diseases. Patients, using Duromine, should refuse from other anti-obesity drugs.

During Duromine therapy, patients should use with caution or not use at all:

  • Alcohol
  • Sympathomimetics
  • Thyroid hormones

Combination of these substances and Duromine may lead to overstimulation of the central nervous system (CNS) and side effects (dizziness, anxiety disorders, perplexity, nausea, etc.).

Duromine is not just the weight loss drug, but also a potent psychostimulant. If you want to get rid of excess kilograms and save your health, please tell your doctor about all the medications you are taking or want to take soon.

The connection between Duromine and development of primary pulmonary hypertension is not impossible. When having dyspnea, swelling of the extremities, change in exercise tolerance and fainting, you should stop using Duromine and undergo a medical examination.

  • Duromine appetite suppressant can reduce the body mass effectively and still increase the blood pressure. Patients with mild hypertension should take Duromine pills with caution.

The best way to cure obesity is to combine Duromine pills with a regular check of the blood pressure. This allows you to choose an optimal dosage, reduce the risk of side effects and maximally increase the burning rate of the fatty cells.

As the CNS stimulant, Duromine can affect the reaction and emotional stability of a patient.

  • People taking Duromine, should be careful while driving a vehicle or managing complex mechanisms.

Duromine can reduce the body mass by 10-15% in a short time.

Therefore, the number of people who want to buy this drug increases day by day. You can buy Duromine weight loss pills at pharmacies by prescription only.

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