Disney will refuse fast food advertising

Walt Disney company, the owner of ABC television network, will refuse junk food advertising during children’s programs on television, as well as on all its sites about children, according to Reuters.

The company will cease to broadcast advertising that does not comply with to the norms of healthy eating.

  • The head of Walt Disney, Bob Iger and the First US Lady, Michelle Obama should announce this in Washington on June 5, 2012.

The reason for the ban on such advertising is a high level of obesity in the US: about one-third of children and adolescents suffer from obesity. According to the research of the Institute of Medicine, in 2006, fast food is one of the main causes of obesity occurrence.

In late May 2012, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed a decree prohibiting the sale of sugary drinks in volume more than 16 ounces (about half a liter) in restaurants, theaters, grocery stores and stalls.

Measures to restrict the advertising and sale of harmful food will concern big brands such as McDonald’s and manufacturers of carbonated beverages.

Most companies agree to implement such restrictions. In 2011, a number of manufacturers of snacks and fast food voluntarily agreed to introduce nutritional standards for products, the advertising of which is designed for children. Nutritional standards imply limits on the number of calories, fat and sugar contained in the product.

Since 2006, there is a ban on the use of Mickey Mouse and other “Disney” characters in advertising products that do not meet the minimum nutritional standards.

Restrictions on junk food advertising are imposed not only in the United States. In Scotland, in March 2012, there was imposed a ban on the marketing of unhealthy food up to 9 p.m., when children are able to see it. Now, the draft law is considered on the whole territory of the United Kingdom. McDonald’s advertising was sharply criticized because of the fact that the company is a sponsor of the Summer Olympic Games in London.

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