Contrave Review

Contrave is the CNS stimulant, used for the treatment of obesity in adult people. Combined with physical activity and low calorie diets, Contrave allows reducing the body fat percentage and minimize the risk of complications, caused by obesity.

In this Contrave review, you will find out when and how to use the drug best.

Pharmaceutical form of Contrave – film-coated tablets to be taken by mouth. Biconvex blue Contrave pills are engraved «NB-890» on one side.

Contrave tablets consist of several layers, containing the drug and inert layer. After the tablet gets into the stomach, it starts dissolving slowly, providing long dosing intervals.

Contrave weight loss pills were approved by the FDA in September 2014. You can buy Contrave at the USA pharmacies by prescription only. In order to get the prescription, you need to undergo a medical examination, and probably do some tests.

Dosage and mode of administration

Unlike most anorexigenic drugs, Contrave contains 2 active substances – Naltrexone Hydrochloride (HCL) and Bupropion HCL. Each tablet contains 8mg of Naltrexone HCL and 90mg of Bupropion HCL.

You should take the whole Contrave slimming pill with a full glass of water.

  • Do not chew or break the tablets, since this may change the pharmacological properties of medication.
  • Do not take Contrave with fatty food, because it increases the risk of undesirable secondary effect.

The recommended number of intakes of Contrave is 2 pills, twice daily. Please take this medication in the mornings and evenings, better at one and the same time. If you forgot to take a dose, just skip it.

During the first week, make sure you take 1 Contrave pill in the morning.

  • Week 2-3, you should increase the dose gradually. A gradual increase in the number of tablets, allows your body to adapt to the effect of this drug.

Contrave effectiveness should be estimated in three months of the drug use. If obese person managed to reduce his body weight by more than 5%, then further treatment is recommended. If not, he should stop using this drug.

Main contraindications and precautions

Contrave diet pills are contraindicated for obese patients, allergic to Naltrexone, Bupropion or other components of the drug. You can ask a pharmacist to give you the list of excipients, or find it in package insert.

Contrave must never be used together with other medications for weight loss or medications containing Naltrexone or Bupropion (for instance, Wellbutrin antidepressant).

Do not take Contrave in combination with MAO inhibitors or within 2 weeks after you finished taking them.

Contrave weight loss pills are contraindicated for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women. The contraindications list may also contain some chronic diseases, for instance, severe arterial hypertension.

  • Antidepressants play a certain role by deteriorating the depression symptoms. Contrave contains Bupropion, and thus, there is a risk of mental disorders, like, major depressive disorder.

While using Contrave diet pills, it is not recommended to drink plenty of alcoholic beverages. This increases the risk of adverse reactions. If you used to drink a lot of alcohol and then suddenly stopped, you are at high risk of seizures.

Side effects

Contrave is approved by the FDA, and therefore, the risk of side effects does not exceed benefit from using the drug. Usually, side effects appear in the beginning of treatment; they are mild or moderate and disappear after a short time.

  • The most common Contrave side effects occur from the CNS or the gastrointestinal tract, which mostly are: dizziness, dryness in the mouth, frequent defecation, constipation, difficulty falling asleep and other sleep disorders.

To reduce the risk of negative reactions, make sure you always take the recommended dose.

Do not ingest more than 2 Contrave weight loss pills at a time! Maximum recommended frequency of use – 2 times a day, better in the morning and evening.

If you notice any side effects, please consult a doctor or a pharmacist.

  • It is possible that you are going to need a dose adjustment. If side effects persist for a long time, a symptomatic treatment is needed.

The medication is supplied in a plastic bottle, preventing the drug from external factors. Each bottle contains 120 tablets. If you buy 1 Contrave bottle, you can cure obesity within 1 month minimum. But if you order several packs of Contrave, you can reduce the costs of 1 tablet.

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