Boring work provokes obesity

Did you know that boring office work causes obesity? People, who do job they don’t like, are in great danger of getting overweight by approximately six kilograms per year. Especially men.

The reason of all this is that people, whose work does not bring joy, find a relief in comfort eating and this involves junk food as a rule. Only think of all these birthday parties at the office with all these cakes and other sweets employees love so much.

According the survey, over 40% of office workers already have suffered from their “sweet-tooth”. Gaining a few excess kilograms. Specialists say that men suffer from this problem more than women do.

Fifty percent of interviewed people admitted that they were suffering from food cravings all the time. About 30% of these people feel empty if they do not have a snack. Only 17% of women said that they resist the delicious food.

Any boring work do not only mean sweet foods, but also chatting with colleagues and the Internet surfing. According to stats, manufacturing specialists and military (rarely businessmen and public employees) have the most boring job in the world.

Boring Work

Thus, 52% of bored employees say their state is caused by the lack of activity, 48% think it’s because of routine and not interesting activity, 23% are lacking real-life communication.

  • That is why office workers usually spent much time communicating with each other (54%), others surf the Internet (43%), have snacks or coffee breaks.

Other 30% start cleaning out their work place, 28% of respondents go smoking, 21% play computer games, 17% enjoy the view out of the window, 14% sway back and forth on the chair and only 10% do some eye exercises of gymnastics in the office.

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