Benzphetamine and Phentermine anorexigenic drugs are used for anti-obesity treatment in people, whose BMI equals 30 kg / m² or above 27 kg / m² and with high risk of concomitant diseases that usually come along obesity.

Phentermine appetite suppressant is marketed under such brands as Adipex, Suprenza and Duromine.

Benzphetamine appetite suppressant is available for consumers under Didrex and Regimex brand names.

  • Both diet drugs are used as short-term means that should be combined with physical activity and low-calorie diet.

When analyzing Benzphetamine vs Phentermine, no significant differences in therapeutic and pharmacological efficiency of these weight loss medications were found.

The difference between Benzphetamine vs Phentermine is in their pharmaceutical form, dosage, mode of application and levels of safe usage. Benzphetamine is produced in tablets, dosed 25mg and 50mg, while Phentermine is produced in capsules and tablets of 15 mg, 30mg and 37.5 mg.

Phentermine slimming medicine should be used one time a day in the morning. Benzphetamine weight loss tablets should be taken three times a day.

Despite the fact that Benzphetamine vs Phentermine belong to amphetamines group (biologically and chemically), specialists believe that Phentermine is safer for patient’s health than Benzphetamine drug.

Due to this, when people have to choose between Benzphetamine vs Phentermine drugs to fight overweight, then they often are advised to choose Phentermine weight management product.

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