Benzphetamine pills are intended to treat exogenous obesity concomitantly with lifestyle changes. The mechanism of Benzphetamine action is a stimulation of the central nervous system and appetite suppression.

Clinical studies and numerous positive reviews confirm that daily use of Benzphetamine tablets helps quickly to get rid of extra pounds and to reduce waist circumference.

Benzphetamine tablets were approved as an obesity treatment in 1960 and successfully sold for a long time in most countries of the world. Today (in 2016), obese people from different countries can buy Benzphetamine only online.

US residents have the opportunity to buy Benzphetamine diet pills at retail pharmacies.

  • The manufacturers of Benzphetamine in the USA are pharmaceutical companies such as Emcure, Impax, Kvk Tech, Mallinckrodt, Mikart, Paddock and Tedor.

Inhabitants of Canada, New Zealand and Great Britain could previously buy Benzphetamine at usual pharmacies, but now they have no this opportunity. Thus, if they want to use exactly this anorexigenic drug, they can be recommended to order Benzphetamine online.

On the websites of online pharmacies, you can familiarize yourself with the prices of Benzphetamine and delivery terms.

Benzphetamine cost varies depending on the manufacturer and pricing strategy of online pharmacy.

At different times, Benzphetamine tablets were manufactured by Global, Boca, Pfizer, CorePharma, Aidarex, Truxton, Heritage and other pharmaceutical company. Pack, color and size of Benzphetamine diet pills may differ.

On online pharmacies, you can buy Benzphetamine slimming pills of pink, light orange, white or beige color. Some Benzphetamine tablets debossed with «K40», «BP650», «COR194», «HP174» or «DIDREX 50».

Generally, Benzphetamine tablets are supplied in the dose of 50mg. To achieve the necessary therapeutic effect, take from one to three Benzphetamine 50mg tablets per day.

At the beginning of obesity treatment and some other cases, Benzphetamine 25mg dose is recommended.

  • Most of Benzphetamine 50mg tablets have a breaking notch, which allows dividing it into two equal doses of 25mg.

It should be noted that some pharmacies offer to buy Benzphetamine 50mg online at lower price than others do. Regular customers, as well as in the case of large order can get some discount on Benzphetamine.

Carefully read information on the websites of online pharmacies, many of them offer to make use of discount coupons and other promotions. If you are interested in other anorectic medications (e.g., Phentermine) you can also order them online.

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