Advertising and obesity

People do not always think of what kind and how much food they should eat. Sometimes, other people do it for them, namely the food producers. Aggressive marketing strategies of different food producers often advertise products that do not only contain little nutrients, but also harm your health.

Television is one of the most important news sources today.

Everybody knows that advertising as well as TV commercials are motor trade. The commercials flooded the Television these days. There are TV channels that are only selling different goods all day long.

  • Is there any connection between the advertising and obesity, between advertising and unhealthy eating, between commercials and your choice? Absolutely! Advertising of food, whether you watch it or listen to it, encourage you to certain actions, namely to buy a concrete product.

Advertisers say that if you consume one or another product, you will live a happy and beautiful life. People hear and see how tasty it is and what benefits they will get (good relationships with their relatives, happy family, reconciliation with beloved ones, etc.) and want to have it all, too.

But first you have to buy that food and those happy faces of your friends and family may never become true. Instead, it may cause you extra weight, or if you don’t change your lifestyle – even obesity.

Most fashion models and actors, participating in advertising watch their health and spend much money to look good. Almost none of them eat food that is advertised on TV.

  • “Collect 500 chips packages and get the treatment of gastric ulcers for free!”

Of course, such advertising does not exist.

It would be very strange if chips producers would use such slogan for their products.

Still, because of a long-term consumption of harmful products, people might actually need an expensive treatment and not only for obesity, but many other diseases that come along.

The prime cost of products contains the costs on advertising. It means that people pay for the product itself and for its advertising as well. Not to mention that junk food provoke weight gain; so it turns out people pay for their excess weight.

Considering everything said above, it is getting clear that people first get used to eat foods their body does not need, consuming them for a long time, spending much money and then become overweight or even obese with time.
The truth is that the costs for fast food or other junk food can be small at first. But over time, people gain weight and they need to eat more food and so they have to waste more money on it and yet it’s not the worst thing.

Advertising and Obesity

People have always wanted to cure overweight and obesity. Many think that a couple of extra kilograms is normal and they are not entirely wrong. However, there are situations when people have no other choice but to cure obesity.

Obesity is a chronic disease, so its treatment may last for years, even the entire life. Anyways, it is all about costs and time. Besides, extra weight often causes cardiovascular disorders, which treatment by the way can be very expensive.

In some categories of people, obesity is developing much faster than in other people.

  • The surveys have shown that one group of people after they had watched the TV commercial of hot dogs or ice cream wanted to eat some tasty food even if they have just had a meal.

TV commercials are well thought both visually and psychologically. Therefore, we need to teach ourselves to resist those aggressive marketing strategies of both healthy and unhealthy food producers. When you see a good-looking tasty food on the TV, it acts on your subconscious, stimulating your appetite and forcing you eat larger meals and more often than your body actually needs.

Imagine a beautiful, ripe red strawberry – you would love to eat it now, right? Even your memories stimulate the production of saliva and gastric juice. And when it is accompanied by the bright images, as it is in every commercial, such producers can become extremely successful.

The only problem is that fruit and berries are rarely advertised.

Mostly you can see the advertising of high-calorie junk foods. The fact that such advertising affects children and teenagers most of all is of particular concern.

Over the last 20 years, there were many studies, confirming the connection between TV advertising and obesity in children. Many developed countries of the world started to ban the advertising of potentially harmful foods for children under 12 years old. Despite this, the number of obese children increases every year.

The food consumption is a physiological process, because people feel when they are hungry. You cannot actually forget to eat without commercials. While food advertising stimulates unnatural appetite. Moderate eating helps to keep a slim and beautiful body, as well as your health.

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